According to the Department of Health Services, as of fiscal year 2072/73, there are 104 public hospitals, the 303 private hospitals, the 202 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) and the 3,803 health posts in Nepal.

Primary health care services were also provided by 12,660 primary health care outreach clinic (PHCORC) sites. A total of 16,134 Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI) clinics provided immunization services. These services were supported by 49,523 female community health volunteers (FCHV). The information on the achievements of the public health system, NGOs, INGOs and private health facilities were collected by DoHS’s Health Management Information System (HMIS).

In Nepal, the DoHS is responsible for delivering preventive, promotive, diagnostic and curative health services. Below is the detailed organogram of Department of Health Services



Source: HMIS, FHD, DoHS