Health Post is the first institutional contact point for basic health services and it’s monitor the activities of FCHVs as well as community‐based activities by PHC outreach clinics and EPI clinics. In addition, HP also functions as the referral centre of FCHVs as well as a venue for community based activities such as PHC/ORC and EPI clinics.

Each level above the HP is a referral point in a network from to Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC), on to district, zonal sub‐regional and regional hospitals, and finally to tertiary level hospitals. This referral hierarchy has been designed to ensure that the majority of population receive public health and minor treatment in places accessible to them and at a price they can afford. Inversely, the system works as a supporting mechanism for lower levels by providing logistical, financial, monitory supervisory and technical support from the centre to the periphery.

There are altogether 3,805 number of health posts under the Department of Health services.



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