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Health Post & Sub-Health Post

Health Post

Health Post (HP) is another health care setting set up at Village Development Committee (VDC) or the municipality level. Till now, there are 675 HPs in the country. Health post provides curative and preventive services to the people. In addition to providing the heath services, HP also monitors and supervises the activities of SHPs.

The staffing pattern of HP is :

Organogram of Health Post








Sub-Health Post

Sub Health Post (SHP) is the first contact point for basic health services to the general people in Nepal. There are altogether 3,127 Sub-Health Posts which are set up in VDC level. SHP is the lowest level government institutional which is the main site for grass-root level community-based activities.

The general staffing pattern of SHP is

Organogram of Sub-Health Post








Organogram of Health Post


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